NEC DS 1000 / 2000 Voice Mail
To set up your voice mail for the first time
Go to your phone pick up the handset and press the MW Button.
Follow instructions
To call your Voice Mail & retrieve messages from your desk in your office:
Press M W button
While Listening to voice mail
72 Save Message
3 Erase Message
* Pause/Resume Listening
2 Backup a Few Seconds
22 Backup to the Beginning
4 Go Ahead a Few Seconds
63 Have a Message Forwarded
84 Hear Msg TIme, Date, [Sender
5 Listen to Next Message
73 Record a Reply
75 Reverse Listening Order
88 Turn Volume Up
83 Turn Volume Down
86 Restore Volume to Normal
# Exit Listen Mode
How to change mail box greeting
Press M W button
Press 4 Greeting
Press 7 Record
Press 9 9 to exit
How to change mail box Features
Press MW button
Press 0 for help
Transfer calls to Voice Mail
Press M W Button and dial
extension number. Hang up caller will be transferred to mailbox.
How to Record A Call
Press Record Call Button on your phone
Call is recorded in to your voice mail box
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