Universe Call Processing Voice Mail Administration features
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! Caution You Can Erase Your Voice Mail !
How to record system greetings.
Access your Voice Mail main greeting. 
Vodavi: Press your Voice Mail Button
Panasonic: press intercom and access number to voice mail then dial 9 & your ext.#
Mitel: Press Voice Mail soft key
From off property: Call your main phone number when Voice Mail answers dial 9 and your extension number.
You will be asked for your password.  Default password is 4321#
When the Voice Mail answers in the main greeting dial 999 you will be prompted for your password the default Admin password is 456123#
Press 5 to record system greetings
There are 8 greetings in the voice mail.
1 Main default This greeting is played whenever one of the other greetings has not been
2 Early Morning This greeting plays from midnight to 8:00 am (or whenever your office is open).
3 Morning This plays from when your office is open to Noon.
4 Afternoon This plays from noon to when your office is closed (Default 5:00).
5 Evening This plays from when your office is closed until midnight.
6 Weekend This plays on Saturday & Sunday.
7 Holiday This plays on the days that have been programmed in to your holiday schedule default
  Days := 1-1 / 7-4 / 12-25.
8 Override- This plays when it is manually turned on & off.
When listening to the greetings you can:
Press 1 to review the recording.
Press 3 to start recording / re record
Press 0 to quit and cancel changes
Press * to Exit and save new recordings.
How to turn on / off the override greeting
Access the Voice Mail administration see above
(Make sure you have recorded the override greeting first).
Dial 2 (program system schedule)
Dial 3 (Engage Override)
Dial *   *   * Voice Mail will say good by.
You can check the greeting by dialing 455 on Vodavi Systems or call your main phone number.
 How to reset a Mailboxes password.
Access the administration section of your Voice Mail.
Dial 3 to add, Delete, Change Mailboxes
Dial 3 to change mailbox
Dial mailbox number
Dial 8 to change mailbox password.