Vodavi Triad and STS On Line User Guide

Making & Answering Calls
To call a station
Lift Handset Dial 3 digit Ext number
To make an outside call
Lift Handset select outside line or Dial 9 and the number
To answer a call
Lift the handset
To transfer a call
Press the transfer button and Dial the extension number or press the preprogrammed flexible button and hang up
Call forward
To Call Forward your phone :
Press the FWD key (or dial 640) &:
6 & Extension # for all calls
7 & Extension #.for no answer
8 & Extension # for busy
9 & Extension # for busy or no answer
* & Speed dial # for out of office calls
( voice mail extension # is 440)
Recommended Call Forward your phone to Voice Mail when you don’t answer.
To do this dial from your phone :
640 7 440 listen for tone and hang up
To cancel Call Forward
Press the FWD key (or dial 640) & hang up
Call Forward Override
5# & Ext. Number
Off Hook Voice Announce (OHVO)
Call a busy station & press OHVO button Wait for beep and talk .You will whisper in their ear.
To respond press preprogrammed button (send to VM. Put on hold. I will take call buttons ect.)
Or press mute key & talk. Outside party hears nothing.
Auto Call Back
Dial a busy ext. listen to busy signal for 3 seconds. You will here a confirmation tone. When called ext. hangs up your phone will ring.
Pick up your handset system will call other ext.
Picking up calls
To Pick up calls in your department Dial In your pickup group press preprogrammed pickup button or dial # 0
To access internal page dial 701—708
To access external page dial 761– 762
To access all call paging dial 700
To meet me page dial 770
Call Park
To Park a call
Press Transfer 430 through 437
To Retrieve Parked Call
Dial # & 430—437
Conference calls
Place 1st call, press conf button, make 2nd call, press conf button twice you are now all together.
To add additional parties press conf button, make 3rd call, press conf button twice you are now all together.
Speed dialing
Press speed & 9000-9019 for personal calls
press speed & 9020-9999 for system calls
Speed dial Programming
Press speed button twice dial bin (9000-9999) dial number then press speed to end.
Set Date & Time
From ext 100
Dial 692 YY MM DD HH MM